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Why Choose Plant Extracts Cosmetics?

1. How to choose plant extracts cosmetics for different skins

First of all, our Chinese skin is typical Asian skin, most of which belong to mixed skin. Compared with Caucasians, the skin of Asians is mostly light yellow and dull, with more melanin content, and has thin and fragile stratum corneum, small pores, and is more delicate, making it more suitable for gentle skin care products. Europeans and Americans have different skins featuring large pores, dry skin, more freckles, thick epidermis and strong tolerance. They are more inclined to buy effective products that are stimulating. Different skins require different care. If we only pursue efficacy, it is easy to destroy the protective film on the surface of our skin, which is one of our few advantages.

European and American products are more effective, and most of them are "moisturizing", so European and American products are different from those of Asians. We need cosmetics made of mild raw materials in Asia. Which raw material is more suitable? For Asians, plant products are a good choice. The development trend of cosmetics made of plant materials suitable for Asian skin and European and American skin has a great impact on the cosmetics industry, and almost all contain natural active ingredients. Chengdu Kindarco Biotech is committed to displaying our latest plant-derived active extracts made by the plant extracts factory. Among them, the cognition degree of plant concepts in the Chinese market is close to 2/3, which is significantly higher than that of other regions in the world and is showing a gradual upward trend.

2. Are plant extracts safe?

First, the plant cosmetic extracts are controlled in terms of safety, efficacy, stability, etc. Safety is a prerequisite for efficacy. Only under safe conditions is it necessary to consider the efficacy of plant extracts and their uses. Efficacy is the main condition for the application of plant extracts for skin in cosmetics.

On the earth, there have been all kinds of plants long before. Humans cannot recognize all plants in the world. There are so many plants containing secrets that we don't know, waiting for us to explore. In the past, there was the wisdom of the ancients that plants can treat our diseases as long as humans can make use of the effective ingredients in plants. With the development of science and technology, human body analysis technology is becoming more and more advanced. We can use extraction technology, such as water extraction, ethanol or oil extraction, supercritical extraction and other high-end extraction methods so that the effective ingredients of plants can be applied to our skin.

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