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What Does Apigenin for Sleep Do?

Celery is a relatively common ingredient. It is also a popular ingredient in major vegetable markets. There are also different ways to eat it. , carotene, protein, calcium, iron, phosphorus and other nutrients have many benefits to human health. Celery is an indispensable vegetable in people's daily life. Apigenin for hair is a good medicine. What are the functions of apigenin used for sleep?

1. What are the sleep benefits of apigenin?

Celery is sweet and cool in nature and has the effects of appetizing, calming the liver, and expelling wind. It is also said that celery can concentrate and strengthen the brain. Celery is a strong agent for the brain. It is a more effective food for the treatment of neurasthenia. The stems and leaves of celery contain apigenin, bergamot lactone, volatile oil and other ingredients, which have the pharmacological effects of sedation, blood pressure and appetite enhancement.

When people can't sleep and are irritable, doctors recommend that patients eat celery daily. The sleep benefits of apigenin can help people eliminate irritability and improve sleep quality because celery contains a butylbenzene peptide. Apigenin powder has a calming and tranquilizing effect, so it is also called celery sedative, which can inhibit the tension of vascular smooth muscle, reduce the secretion of adrenaline in the human body, and has a good sedative effect. Apigenin sleep benefits are rich in alkaloids, which can stabilize people's mood, eliminate irritability, and improve people's sleep quality.

2. How do you usually eat apigenin for sleep?

We can see that celery is also a good medicine for insomnia. The apigenin used for sleep can be cold or stir-fried, or it can be stirred into juice or decoction, which can be used for various foods, such as celery juice, you can squeeze the celery apple and squeeze it into juice, filter it with gauze and then season it for consumption. Do not throw away the celery leaves, the stems and leaves can be eaten, and the nutritional value of celery leaves is still very high, containing protein, fat, vitamin A, and vitamin B, vitamin c, the content is even higher than the content of celery stalks.

The apigenin (520 36 5)used for sleep can be fried, mixed or boiled. There are many ways to do it: use 90 grams of celery root, add 9 grams of sour jujube to make soup, drink it before going to bed, it can cure insomnia; Eat, can cure headache; celery root chopped into japonica rice, boiled into celery porridge, add a little rock sugar, the middle-aged and elderly people with high blood pressure, vascular sclerosis, neurasthenia and other adjuvant therapy. Finally, remind everyone that celery is suitable for eating with tomatoes, beef and mutton, but it is equal to chicken, cucumber, pumpkin, etc., and try to avoid it when eating.

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