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What Are the Properties of Phloretin?

Phloretin can be absorbed by the human body directly, while there are few phloretin in the plant naturally. Mainly, phloretin exists in the form of its glycoside derivatives, phlorizin. Only after removing glycosidic groups on the gastric mucosa and generating phloretin can phlorizin absorbed by the human body enter the circulation system and play a role. So what are the characteristics of phloretin?

Ⅰ. Phloretin promotes transdermal absorption

Phloretin is a kind of Lipophilic compound that can penetrate the skin through intercellular lipids. One reason is that it can change the membrane dipole potential of phospholipid bilayer to affect the interfacial structure of phospholipid bilayer and water penetration and drive water flow dynamics.

And some researches found that when conducting the percutaneous absorption test of lidocaine hydrochloride, if phloretin is used as medium, its absorption is 5.4 times that of the original. The experiment on the absorption of intestinal glucuronidation, acetaminophen, and 1-naphthol by phloretin and phlorizin demonstrates that phloretin and phlorizin can inhibit the effect of glucuronidation from promoting the absorption of acetaminophen and 1-naphthol in the small intestine, which significantly improves the pharmacological activity

Ⅱ. Phloretin has anti-inflammatory activity

As is known to all, when the skin barrier is damaged, the penetration of irritants will increase and then induce different cells to release pro-inflammatory factors and chemokine to regulate the progress in immunity and inflammation, which promotes the production of sensitive skin. Therefore, it concludes that inhibiting the production of inflammatory factors and chemokines can hinder or reduce the skin tissue damage caused by the inflammatory response.

In vitro studies have shown that phloretin not only inhibits the production of inflammatory factors, chemokines, and differentiation factors, but it also inhibits monocytes from adhering to keratin and then converting into cells, as well as stopping the phosphorylation of signal protein kinase Akt and MAPK to achieve the anti-inflammatory effect.

In addition, modern medicine shows that the essential factors related to the pathogenesis of acne and the factors causing inflammation are often not isolated. When phloretin is used externally, it can prevent carbohydrate composition from entering epidermal cells and inhibit sebaceous gland hypersecretion from treating acne with strong secretion. In the meantime, the activity of the COX-2 promoter can be significantly reduced to inhibit the production of prostate E2 and alleviate the inflammatory reaction of acne skin if phloretin goes inside the cell.

To sum up, phloretin can be applied to acne removing or soothing cosmetics and whitening and anti-ageing products. Of course, according to literature and report, phloretin also has various functions such as moisturizing, anti-hair loss, retarding bacterial growth and anti-sunburn. There are also plenty of products containing phloretin on the market.

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