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What Are Plant Extracts and What Are the Production Equipment?

Plant extract is a kind of raw material extracted from plants. It has a variety of uses. For example, it can be used to make various spices for us to eat when cooking. In fact, there are many kinds of plant extracts, such as rosemary extract, hop extract and onion extract.

1. What are plant extracts?

The following are some plant extracts and their uses.

(1) Rosemary extract: flavor antioxidant

Rosemary extract is one kind of antioxidant plant extracts and it contains carnosic acid, rosmarinic acid, carnosol and other active ingredients.

(2) Hop extract: flavor

Hop extract is an indispensable raw material for brewing beer. In beer brewing, hops give the beer a refreshing aroma, slightly bitter taste and antiseptic properties, and form a white, fine and rich foam, and also play a role in clarifying the wort.

(3) Onion extract: flavor preservative

Onion is an important flavor material, not only can provide a unique taste and smell, especially suitable for us to eat when cooking.

2. What are the equipment for plant extracts?

Chengdu Kindarco Biotech has various kinds of sophisticated equipment for plant extracts supplied from their plant extracts factory.

(1) Soybean protein concentrate extraction equipment

The machine can expand the soy protein to keep the protein molecules tightly arranged, so that the produced soy protein concentrate products have excellent water retention and chewiness.

(2) Plant carbon black extraction equipment

The yield of ointment is 10-15% higher than that of the multi-energy tank, and the effective ingredients in the ointment are more than 1 times higher. During the extraction process, the hot solvent is continuously added to the surface of the medicinal material and passes through the medicinal material layer at high speed from top to bottom to dissolve the solute in the medicinal material.

The solute content in the medicinal materials and the solute content in the solvent maintain a high gradient. The solutes in the medicinal materials dissolve at a high speed until they are completely dissolved. The effective ingredient extraction rate is high, so the cream recovery rate is high, and the active ingredient contained in the ointment is high.

(3) Gardenia yellow pigment extraction equipment

Gardenia yellow pigment extraction equipment is suitable for the application of plant herbs, Chinese medicinal materials and food additives, using extracts such as water, ethanol and methanol for extraction.

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