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The Use of Plant Extracts Will Be

With the rise of plant raw materials, food, health products, medicines, cosmetics, and many other fields cannot refuse the "value-added" effect of plant raw materials, and relevant companies must not let go of any clues about plant raw materials. The food industry is a basic industry for people's livelihood, and the attention to food ingredients must be the top priority. Regarding the current popularity of food ingredients, plant ingredients have undoubtedly become the "top spot". The natural, healthy, functional and other factors exhibited by plant raw materials are exactly what consumers expect, so it is logical that they are developing in popularity. As a professional plant extract supplier, Kindarco has made a technical breakthrough of extracting technology.

1. The rise of plant extracts

Advanced processing technology is the basis for the development of plant extracts. With the support of technology, further research and development of extracts are possible, and the large-scale application of botanical medicine has truly opened the door to the plant extract market. Under the strong stimulation of the demand for botanical medicine, the role of plant extracts has been magnified invisibly, and its aura in the environment of free market economy has become more and more dazzling, making it a hot raw material. The main plant extracts include citrus aurantium extract, sophora japonica flower extract, and other plant extracts.

2. Problems in the food application of extracts

China's diet and traditional Chinese medicine(TCM) culture is extensive and profound, and the application of plants has a long history. Medicinal diet is a food that combines medicine and food, and the two complement each other. It is one of the traditional foods in my country. With the continuous development of science and society, safety has become the primary consideration of using plant extracts, and medicinal diet has gradually departed from the category of food and is more inclined to medicine. Therefore, the concept of medicinal diet cannot be used casually in modern food processing.

As far as food is concerned, plant materials are mainly edible plants and nationally-specified medicinal and edible plants and new food materials. This point is relatively clear, but whether their extracts can be used is the biggest headache for companies. For instance, baicalein is a kind of natural plant eatracts, but whether baicalein powder can be used in food has been discussed for a long time. There are no corresponding standards and norms for extracts, and enterprises lack sufficient evidence for using it. Most of the use of it in a rash way is "not worth the gain."

3. The use of plant extracts may not be a problem

In 2019, China's Henan Provincial Market Supervision Administration issued a notice on the "Henan Province Edible Plant Raw Material Extract Production Review Plan (Trial)" to further regulate plant raw materials. The biggest highlight of the plan is to pre-approval and refine plant extract manufacturers to make the plant extracts used in common foods clearly distinguished from health foods and additives, which means that companies use extracts more clearly. As long as the food production license of the corresponding extract is obtained, it can be used in ordinary food.

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