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The Efficacy and Function of Sophora Japonica Powder

The emergence of Sophora japonica extract powder

Sophora japonica is no stranger to everyone. Some people like to make cakes with pagoda japonica. It is said that it can dispel the heat and cool down. In recent years, there have been a large number of foods made with Sophora japonica on the market. Even the sour plum soup we often drink in summer has begun to show the taste of Sophora japonica. It can be seen that it has a lot of influence on people now. Have you heard of Sophora japonica extract powder? It is said that it has high nutritional value and has a great effect on human health. So what are the effects and functions of Sophora japonica extract powder?

Efficacy and function of Sophora japonica extract powder

1. Improve capillaries. The rutin in sophora japonica flower extract can improve the function of capillaries and maintain the normal resistance of capillaries. It can prevent bleeding, high blood pressure, and diabetes caused by capillary fragility and high permeability. It can prevent bleeding when taken.

2. Sophora japonica pollen treats blood in the stool. Therefore, it is often used as a common medicine for the treatment of blood in the stool, used for hemorrhoid bleeding, blood in the stool, blood dysentery caused by damp heat of the large intestine, and vomiting blood and blemishes caused by blood heat. The general method is decocting (10-15g), with an appropriate amount for external use, if the spleen and stomach is cold and yin-deficiency fever, but there is no actual fire, take it with caution.

3. The effect of sophora japonica powder on the cardiovascular system: Sophora japonica liquid has a mild excitatory effect on the isolated frog's heart, and has a blocking effect on the heart conduction system. Rutin, quercetin, and quercetin can also increase the contraction and output of the frog's heart in vitro and in place, and can slow down the heart rate. Quercetin can dilate coronary blood vessels and improve myocardial circulation.

6. The anti-inflammatory effect of Sophora japonica pollen. As a kind of plant extract powder, Sophora japonica contains rutin, sophoradiol, glucose and glucuronic acid and tannins. It has an anti-inflammatory effect and also has an inhibitory effect on viruses and skin fungi.

When producing and purchasing the sophora japonica extract powder, you're better to choose a reliable plant extract supplier.

Sophora japonica pollen has many benefits for health, and it also has a good therapeutic and immune effect on some diseases. So we can choose to drink Sophora japonica powder according to the needs of people around us. I believe that as long as good food is eaten consistently, it will have good effects and is beneficial to our health.

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