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The Benefits of Naringin Against Uv-induced Skin Damage

1. About naringin

Today, the human health benefits of bioflavonoids, including naringin, are well known. Numerous studies have shown that naringin exhibits benefits of systemic administration for a variety of diseases, including cardiovascular disease, diabetes, Alzheimer's disease, and cancer. Likewise, the benefits of naringin for various skin conditions are well documented.

2. The role of naringin in skin damage caused by ultraviolet rays

Because the skin is the outermost layer of the body, it is more susceptible to ultraviolet (UV) radiation, which can lead to photoaging and other skin diseases such as actinic keratosis and skin cancer. Therefore, preventing UV exposure can prevent and mitigate UV-induced skin damage. Studies have shown that treatment of keratinocytes with 50 μM naringin may result in a more than 70% reduction in the apoptotic index induced by UVB irradiation compared to vehicle-treated keratinocytes. In addition to UVB, naringin powder also protects keratinocytes from UVA-induced damage. Treatment of keratinocytes with naringin for 24 hours induced a dose-dependent increase in the viability of UVA-irradiated keratinocytes. These data suggest that naringin protects keratinocytes from UVA- and UVB-induced damage.

UVA has a wavelength of 320-400nm, penetrates the dermis layer, and repeated exposure causes premature skin aging (photoaging). Naringin also appears to attenuate UVA-induced fibroblast damage. Since naringenin powder is hydrolyzed by gut microbiota to hesperetin and absorbed passively in the large intestine, some studies have used hesperetin instead of naringin. Treatment of UVA-irradiated human fibroblasts with 0.1% citrus peel extract containing hesperetin, a metabolite of naringin, reduced beta expression levels. ‐ Number of galactosidase, matrix metalloproteinase-1 and senescent cells. Furthermore, pretreatment of human fibroblasts with hesperetin glucuronide induced 25% of UV-A-induced necrotic cell death.

Naringin not only protects cells from UV damage in vitro, but also protects skin from UV damage in vivo. In addition, topical application of purified plant extracts like naringin prevents erythema, edema, and epidermal hyperplasia caused by UVB exposure. In addition, intraperitoneal administration of naringin methyl chalcone prevented UVB irradiation-induced decreased antioxidant capacity and increased skin cytokine expression and myeloperoxidase activity. Daily drinking of water containing naringin attenuates many skin abnormalities induced by repeated UVB exposure, including impaired epidermal permeability barrier, promotion of wrinkle formation, increased cytokine expression, and matrix metalloproteinase 9 expression levels and activity, reports.

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