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Quercetin Can Actually Inhibit Breast Cancer!

Breast cancer has become the malignant tumor with the highest incidence of women in the world. Its occurrence and development are closely related to the proliferation and invasion ability of breast cancer cells. Therefore, looking for specific targeted drugs that inhibit breast cancer cell proliferation and metastasis become the development hotspot of anti-breast cancer drugs.

1. Quercetin has an inhibitory effect on a variety of carcinogens and cancer-promoting substances

The National Cancer Research Council of Canada has integrated 12 research data and believes that fresh vegetables and fruits have anti-breast cancer effects on women of different ages. Flavonoids Kaempferol and quercetin extracted from common vegetables such as red grapes, red apple peels, peppers, onions, etc. can prevent and treat early breast cancer. Quercetin, as one kind of plant based extracts, not only has an inhibitory effect on a variety of carcinogenic and cancer-promoting substances, but also has an inhibitory effect on the growth of a variety of tumour cells.

Quercetin at different concentrations can inhibit the proliferation of human breast cancer cells and induce their apoptosis, and this proliferation inhibition and apoptosis-inducing effect are dose-dependent with quercetin. When the quercetin concentration reached 200 μm, the growth of human breast cancer cells was almost completely inhibited. (If you have any needs to buy high quality quercetin or questions about it, please contact Kindarco Biotech, which is one of plant extracts manufacturers. )

2. Except for quercetin, other vegetables have good effects on the prevention of breast cancer

In addition to the above-mentioned fruits and vegetables which have an inhibitory effect on breast cancer, cruciferous vegetables such as cabbage, broccoli, and brussels sprouts, as well as carrots, asparagus, garlic, etc., are all effective in preventing breast cancer.

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