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Rutin CAS No.153-18-4

Product nameRutin Trihydrate
Rutin Herbal SourceSophora Japonica L.
CAS NO153-18-4
Rutin Chemical FormulaC27H36O19
Rutin Molecular Weight610.517
SpecificationsRutin NF11, DAB, EP
AppearanceLight yellow needle crystal
Rutin Solubility in WaterSoluble in hot water, methanol, ethanol and pyridine. Very easily soluble in alkali water.

Rutin is a kind of flavonoid glycosides extracted from bud sophora (Sophorae japonica L.) in light yellow needle crystal, and rutin bioflavonoids are also the raw material of synthesizing hydroxyethylrutin. Rutinu is also called troxerutin with effective, safe and reliable, easy to use, inexpensive. Natural rutin is a capillary protection medicine. Rutin is widely used in food, pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries. Also rutin benefits for veins and skin.

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The Benefits of Rutin Powder for Health

Rutin powder has anti-inflammatory effects. It has very good therapeutic effects for the treatment of hypertension, diabetes, retinal haemorrhage and cerebral haemorrhage, and it can also have antiviral treatment effects. In addition, rutin, being a kind of crude plant extract, can also participate in the detoxification of a variety of carcinogens. Studies have shown that rutin can significantly improve the cancer response induced by a variety of carcinogens.

  • Benefits of Rutin for Cancer
    Benefits of Rutin for Cancer

    Rutin can prevent the proliferation of many types of cancer cells, including breast cancer, glioma, pancreatic cancer, colon cancer, liver cancer, lung cancer, skin cancer, prostate cancer, cervical cancer, and ovarian cancer. Rutin's anti-cancer effect is accomplished by regulating various molecular signalling pathways and molecular targets related to tumorigenesis, including inhibiting the proliferation, invasion, migration, metastasis and angiogenesis of cancer cells, as well as inducing their apoptosis and autophagy. As a professional rutin supplier, we are committed to providing high-quality rutin for sale.

  • Benefits of Rutin for Skin
    Benefits of Rutin for Skin

    There are several mechanisms for skin ageing: Collagen theory believes that skin ageing is caused by the polymerization of collagen in the skin, but under ultraviolet light irradiation, the reaction speed is greatly accelerated, leading to accelerated skin ageing. The free radical theory believes that skin ageing is the result of free radical generation and elimination. Rutin for the skin has a strong absorption effect on ultraviolet rays and X-rays, which has rutin benefits for the skin. As a natural sunscreen, 10% rutin is added, and the absorption rate of ultraviolet rays is as high as 98%. The addition of rutin to the product can obviously remove the active oxygen free radicals produced by cells, thereby playing an anti-ageing effect.

  • What is Rutin Good for in the Nutraceutical and Pharmaceutical Industries?
    What is Rutin Good for in the Nutraceutical and Pharmaceutical Industries?

    Rutin has strong antioxidant properties. Adding rutin to the homogenate rich in lysosomes can inhibit the formation of lipid peroxides. It has the functions of maintaining blood vessel resistance, reducing its permeability and reducing fragility. Rutin for sale can be used to prevent and treat diseases such as cerebral hemorrhage, hypertension, retinal hemorrhage, purpura and acute hemorrhagic nephritis. Therefore, using it in the nutrition and pharmaceutical industries can greatly improve human health.

    Rutin benefits for nutraceutical and pharmaceutical industries as below:

    1. Anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, analgesic effect.

    2. As one of extraction of antioxidants, Rutin has anti-oxidant effect.

    3. Anti-platelet activate factor.

    4. Rutin supplement benefits for myocardial, liver cells and kidneys. 

    5. Anti-ultraviolet and other pharmacological activity. And rutin is clinically used for cardiovascular and hypertensive adjuvant therapy.

What is Rutin Powder Used For?

Rutin health benefits can be seen in many aspects, so rutin is often used in health-care products, medicines and food.

1. Rutin for sale can be used as an edible antioxidant and nutrition enhancer.

2. It has an anti-inflammatory effect, can reduce the inflammation caused by mustard oil on the eyes or skin of animals, and has an antiviral effect.

3. It has the functions of maintaining blood vessel resistance, reducing its permeability, and reducing fragility. It can be used to prevent and treat diseases such as cerebral haemorrhage, hypertension, retinal haemorrhage, purpura and acute hemorrhagic nephritis.

What is Rutin Mechanism of Action?

Rutin has a variety of mechanisms of action, including anti-free radicals, anti-lipid peroxidation, and anti-platelet activating factor. For example, in terms of anti-free radical effects, rutin can terminate the chain reaction of free radicals, inhibit the peroxidation of unsaturated fatty acids on biofilms, remove lipid peroxidation products, and protect the integrity of biofilms and subcellular structures. sex. We are a professional company to produce high-quality rutin for customers. If you want to know more about the mechanism of rutin, please contact us.

Is Rutin Safe?

Rutin is a kind of nutrient that is beneficial to the human body. It is also called dried Yunxiang or vitamin P. It is found in many kinds of foods. People use modern high-tech technology to extract rutin from these foods and make it on the market. The rutin tablets sold are a kind of vitamin, which can meet the needs of the human body for this vitamin, and has obvious health care effects on the human body. As long as people usually take it in moderation, there will be no side effects, but some people with allergies will also have adverse reactions after taking it. At this time, the uncomfortable symptoms will gradually disappear as long as they stop taking them.

Are Rutin and Quercetin the Same?

Quercetin and rutin are both commonly used flavonoids in medicine. One is a glycoside and the other is an aglycon. They are totally different substances. Quercetin is widely present in the bark, flowers, leaves, buds, seeds, and fruits of many plants, mostly in the form of glycosides. Rutin is mainly found in rutin leaves, tobacco leaves, dates, apricots, orange peels, tomatoes, buckwheat flowers and so on. They have different polarities, and their medicinal effects are different. The targeted diseases are treated and their effects on pathogens are different. Although the two are relatively similar, there are still certain differences.

What Are Hesperidin and Rutin?

Hesperidin, one of the flavonoids of vitamin P, is mainly found in citrus fruits, especially in the peels of tangerines, tangerines, sweet oranges and lemons. The separated and extracted hesperidin refined products are white powder with tiny needle-like crystals. Hesperidin is an important part of vitamin P and has the effect of softening blood vessels.

Rutin is a natural flavonoid glycoside, which belongs to the flavonol glycoside which is widely present in plants. It has anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, anti-allergic, anti-viral and other functions.

Technical Data Sheet (TDS) of Rutin Powder for Sale

Assay Item


Test Result

Assay( on dry Product)




Pale yellow powder



A,B,C,D,E  Positive



None to slight


Heavy metals


















Sulphated ashes















Mould and Yeast






Escherichia coli



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