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  • Phloretin

Phloretin CAS NO.60-82-2

Product namePhloretin
Chemical name2,4,6-Trihydroxy-3-(4-Hydroxyphenyl), Propiophenone
Phloretin Herbal sourcePyrus Malus
CAS NO60-82-2
Phloretin Chemical FormulaC15H14O5
Phloretin Molecular Weight274.28
Specifications95.0%, 98.0%
Test MethodHPLC
Phloretin AppearanceWhite powder

The phloretin definition is that phloretin is planted phenolic of dihydrochalcone with the appearance of needle crystal. Phloretin has a variety of bio-activities, such as regulating blood pressure and blood glucose, protecting the heart, and scavenging free radicals. Phloretin has the characteristic of low toxicity and is widely used in the food, nutraceutical and cosmetics industries.

Phloretin was listed in FEMA as the raw material of flavors and fragrances in 2011 with FEMA No. 4390, GB2760 as the Chinese food additives in 2014 with No. N376 and international cosmetic materials standard 10632.

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Benefits of Phloretin Powder

Phloretin powder can be used in facial masks, skin creams, lotions and essences. Phloretin can inhibit the excessive secretion of sebaceous glands and is used in the treatment of hypersecretion acne. Phloretin can also inhibit melanin cell activity and has an effect on various skin spots. The inhibition effect of Phloretin is better compared with arbutin and kojic acid.

  • Benefits of Phloretin Powder in the Cosmetics Industry
    Benefits of Phloretin Powder in the Cosmetics Industry

    Phloretin powder has strong resistance to oxidation, say its antioxidant property, with oxidation of oil concentration between 10 to 30 PPM. Phloretin can remove free radicals for the skin, as free radicals, produced by the oxidation reaction, associated with a human degenerative disease, are harmful substances to the body. External use of Phloretin can prevent the sugars into skin cells, so as to inhibit the excessive secretion of skin glands. Besides, Phloretin can inhibit melanocyte activity and play a desalting role in various skin spots. It has a good inhibitory effect on tyrosinase, a very safe and effective freckle whitening agent. Phloretin for skin has a remarkable moisturizing function.

  • Benefits of Phloretin Powder in the Nutraceuticals Industry
    Benefits of Phloretin Powder in the Nutraceuticals Industry

    Being a kind of anti inflammatory plant extracts, it has anti-inflammation, and immunosuppression effects. Phloretin is a flavonoid compound with antibacterial activity. It was found that Phloretin has a strong inhibitory effect on Gram-positive bacteria, especially staphylococcus aureus, Listeria and Salmonella typhimurium. Besides, Phloretin, due to its special structure, can reduce the levels of cholesterol, triglyceride, endothelin-1 and thromboxane A2, and improve the vascular endothelial function. In addition, Phloretin can inhibit cell proliferation and induce apoptosis of cancer cells. Phloretin can arrest the cell cycle in the G1 phase, and induce apoptosis of cancer cells by influencing the cell cycle, reducing mitochondrial membrane potential and changing intracellular calcium balance.

  • Benefits of Phloretin Powder in the Flavors and Fragrances Industry
    Benefits of Phloretin Powder in the Flavors and Fragrances Industry

    Spices consist of two main parts, natural and synthetic. Spices are added to skin care products, sometimes to cheer the user up, and sometimes to mask the special smells inherent in the ingredients. In addition to adding flavour to skin care products, Phloretin, can also be used to flavor food. It can inhibit the bitterness and other unpleasant taste in food and improve the taste; reduce high intensity sweetener odour, cover up bad flavor; used with stevia as a flavor regulator.

What is Phloretin Powder Used For?

Being plant extracts for skin, it can be used in cosmetics and also it can be seen in food and medicine. Regardless of its specific definition, Phloretin, CAS NO. 60 82 2, is a new natural skin whitening agent developed by foreign research recently. Phloretin is mainly distributed in the peel and root peel of juicy fruits such as apples and pears. It can be used in facial masks, skin creams, lotions and essences.

Technical Data Sheet (TDS) of Phloretin Powder

Assay Item


Test Result

Assay( on dry Product)



≥95.0% (HPLC)

≥98.0% (HPLC)


White powder



None to slight


Heavy metals


















Sulfated ashes



Methyl alcohol



Ethyl Alcohol



Particle size

95% Through 80 mesh





Mould and Yeast






Escherichia coli



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