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  • naringenin powder

Naringenin CAS No.480-41-1

Product nameNaringenin
Herbal SourceCitrus Grandis
CAS NO480-41-1
Naringenin Chemical FormulaC15H12O5
Naringenin Molecular Weight272.257
Specifications90.0%, 95.0%, 98.0%
Test MethodHPLC
AppearanceWhite needle crystal
Naringenin SolubilitySoluble in ethanol, diethyl ether, and benzene, almost not soluble in water.

Naringenin is a kind of natural flavonoid compound, widely existing in the pomelo of rutaceous plants. Naringenin and naringin have a close relationship with each other. Naringenin mainly comes from the enzymolysis of naringenin in white needle crystal and is widely used in food, nutraceutical and cosmetic industries.

Naringenin was listed in FEMA in 2015 with No.FEMA 4797.

As a plant extract company, Chengdu Kindarco Biotech provides various kinds of naringenin products and if you want to know more about what is naringenin, please contact us or download a related pdf on our website.

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Benefits of Naringenin

Naringenin is the aglycone of naringin and is a dihydro flavonoid compound. It can be used in the treatment of antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, free radical scavenging, anti-oxidation, anti-cough and expectorant, lowering blood fat, anti-cancer and anti-tumour, antispasmodic and choleretic, prevention. It has the functions of treating liver disease, inhibiting platelet coagulation, anti-atherosclerosis, etc., and can be widely used in medicine, food and other fields.

  • Benefits of Naringenin for Food and Flavors
    Benefits of Naringenin for Food and Flavors

    1. Naringenin can enhance the sweet taste of a sweet-tasting substance, and reduce the amount of sucrose used.

    2. Naringenin can improve unpleasant aftertaste, and improve the overall taste of food.

    3. Naringenin powder can be added to food as natural preservatives.

  • Benefits of Naringenin Supplement as Nutraceuticals
    Benefits of Naringenin Supplement as Nutraceuticals

    1. As one of antibacterial plant extracts, Naringenin has a strong antibacterial effect.

    2. Naringenin supplement has a significant inhibition of the process of inflammation.

    3. Naringenin has a strong cough expectorant effect.

    4. Naringenin supplement can significantly reduce and inhibit blood cholesterol levels and liver steroid levels

  • Benefits of Naringenin Used in Cosmetics
    Benefits of Naringenin Used in Cosmetics

    1. Naringenin can inhibit the growth of acne pathogens and activity and can be used for the prevention and treatment of acne disease.

    2. Naringenin can neutralize free radicals which may damage cells, and has a good anti-oxidation effect;

    3. Naringenin can prevent the ageing, dry, wrinkles of skin and whiten the skin when used in combination with vitamin A.

What is Naringenin Used For?

Naringenin is one type of citrus aurantium fructus extracts and is often used in food, medicine, health-care products and cosmetics. Naringenin has many functions. Naringenin has an antibacterial effect: it has a strong antibacterial effect on Staphylococcus aureus, large intestine, dysentery and typhoid bacilli. Naringenin also has an effect on fungi. Spraying 1000ppm on rice can reduce rice blast infection by 40-90%, and it is not toxic to humans and livestock. Naringenin has an immunomodulatory effect: Naringenin maintains the proper oxidative pressure balance in a specific time and a specific area in the cell by regulating the flow of electrons in the mitochondria. Naringenin has the effect of regulating women's menstrual period, playing the role of antipyretic, analgesic and alleviating inflammation. In addition, naringenin has a significant therapeutic effect on naringenin on hyperlipidemia and obesity. If you want to know more about the functions of naringenin, please call us.

Naringenin and Naringin: What's the Difference?

Both naringenin and naringin are different substances. Naringenin (naringenin) is a natural organic compound with a molecular formula of C15H12O5. It is a yellow powder, soluble in ethanol, ether and benzene. The seed coat is mainly derived from cashew nuts of the anacardiaceae plant. Naringin is a complex of glucose, rhamnose and Naringenin. Naringin powder is white to light yellow crystalline powder. Normally, it contains 6 to 8 crystal waters with a melting point of 83°C. Dry to constant weight at 110°C to obtain crystals containing 2 crystal waters, with a melting point of 171°C. Naringin can be used as an edible additive, mainly for gum, refreshing drinks, etc.

Technical Data Sheet (TDS) of Naringenin Powder

Assay Item


Test Result

Assay( on dry Product)




White powder



None to slight


Heavy metals


















Sulfated ashes



Solvent residue



Particle size

95% Through 80 mesh





Mould and Yeast






Escherichia coli



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