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Plant Extracts For Skin Care

Recently, plant extracts for skin care have been welcomed in the market. 

Chengdu Kindarco Biotech, as a professional palnt extracts manufacturer, provides various ingredients for skin care.

Here is the list of plant extracts used in cosmetics and soaps.

The List Of Plant Extracts Used In Cosmetics

Plant ExtractsHerbal SourceAppearance
Naringenin PowderCitrus GrandisWhite needle crystal
HesperetinCitrus Aurantium L.Light yellow to off-white powder
Phloretin PowderPyrus MalusWhite powder

  • Naringenin

1. Naringenin has the function of whitening and anti-wrinkling the skin, postponing skin ageing.

2. Naringenin uses are of a wide range and it can moisturize and postpone skin ageing, make the skin too tight and spring, have a sharp image.

3. Naringenin can inhibit acne and prevent the germs from booming, apply to the prevention and cure the acne.

4. Naringenin can prevent and cure skin drying, wrinkles, and whiten skin. 

  • Hesperetin


1. Hesperetin uses are various and it can inhibit the tyrosinase activity, control the melanin, develop the duck skin and whiten skin. 

2. Hesperetin can regulate the skin micro-circulation, anti-wrinkle, anti-ageing, tight skin, fade spots, especially for the eyes section.

3. Hesperetin can remove the HO free radicals.

4. Hesperetin can remit the acne that causes the accumulation of sebaceous glands in the skin. 


As a natural anti-corrosion in cosmetics, because it has antibacterial effects.

Application ranges: cosmetics, commodity ( for example the liquid shampoo), and aluminium tube for medicinal ointment.  

  • Phloretin

Phloretin can prevent the sugars from entering the skin,  inhibit the over secretion of a dermal gland, therapy the acne.

Phloretin powder can inhibit tyrosinase, protect the skin from the damage of the free radicals by cellular metabolism. It has the effects of preventing the melanin accumulating and remove skin ripples. It is a kind of safety whitener. 

Phloretin is a penetration enhancer, can improve the absorption of functional factors in the formula. It has good moisturizing effects. It can absorb the water 4-5 times than self-weight, so it can work better.               

Other Plant Extracts Applications