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Phloretin Promotes Transdermal Absorption and Sun Protection

As a natural flavonoid widely found in nature, phloretin has various pharmacological effects such as antioxidant, anti-tumor, anti-inflammatory, immunosuppressive, and promoting bone formation. In addition, it can delay aging, skin whitening, anti-inflammatory, acne removal and other beauty effects. As the market share of functional cosmetics increases, as a cosmetic functional raw material, phloretin has received extensive attention from researchers in the beauty industry. Phloretin is a flavonoid compound with dihydrochalcone structure, which has antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, whitening, sunscreen, antibacterial, moisturizing and other effects, and has been used in cosmetics.

1. Phloretin has sunscreen effect

Studies have found that phloretin has a certain ability to absorb ultraviolet rays. Adding phloretin to the basic formula of cosmetics can improve the SPF and SPA values of cosmetics. In addition, phloretin, phloretin aqueous solution V and ferulic acid mixture can protect human skin from UV damage and provide photoprotection to human skin. Phloretin can not only directly absorb ultraviolet rays, but also enhance the expression of nucleotide excision repair genes, slow down the formation of pyrimidine dimers, glutathione degradation and cell death induced by UVB, and reduce the damage of ultraviolet rays to keratinocytes.

Ultraviolet radiation can cause cells to generate reactive oxygen species and free radicals, which are extremely unstable and prone to a series of oxidative chain reactions that eventually damage cells. Phloretin has antioxidant activity and absorbs ultraviolet rays, and has potential application value in sunscreen cosmetics.

2. Phloretin has the ability to promote transdermal absorption

Phloretin is a lipophilic compound that penetrates into the skin via intercellular lipids. Studies have shown that phloretin can change the membrane dipole potential of phospholipid bilayers, affect the interface organization of phospholipid bilayers and water penetration, and drive water flow dynamics. In phloretin cream, phloretin has good transdermal properties.

At the same time, when phloretin was used as the medium, the transdermal absorption of lidocaine hydrochloride increased to 5.4 times, indicating that phloretin could affect the transport process mediated by the carrier and had a certain function of promoting transdermal absorption. Phloretin is a natural, safe and effective lipophilic compound with a certain effect of promoting penetration. It can be added to cosmetics as a carrier of effective active ingredients to promote the transdermal absorption of active ingredients and make it play a better role. 

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