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Homology of Medicine and Food: Sophora Japonica Flower Extract

The efficacy of sophora japonica flower: Sophora japonica flower has a fragrant smell and sweet taste, which is rich in vitamins and various minerals. It also has the effects of clearing heat and detoxifying, cooling blood and moisturizing the lungs, lowering blood pressure, and preventing stroke. Sophora japonica flower has been regarded as the "medicine for cooling blood" by physicians in all ages. It has a bitter and cool nature, which is non-toxic and belongs to liver and large intestine meridian. It can be used for heat-clearing and fire-purging, cooling blood and hemostasis. Its major functions include the treatment of hematochezia, bloody hemorrhoids, bloody dysentery, hematuria, bloody stranguria, uterine bleeding, hematemesis, bleeding from five sense organs or subcutaneous tissue, liver fire, headache, swelling and pain of eyes, pharyngitis, aphonia, and carbuncle sores.

From the perspective of western medicine, sophora japonica flower contains rutin (ie. Rytub), quercetin, tannin, sophoradiol, vitamin A and other substances. These substances are very good for the body, which is one of the reasons why sophora japonica flower extract is sought after by people in recent years.

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1. The efficacy of rutin in sophora japonica flower

Rutin can improve the function of capillaries, maintain normal resistance of capillaries, and prevent bleeding, high blood pressure and diabetes caused by capillary fragility and high permeability. Taking it can prevent bleeding.

2. The efficacy of quercetin in sophora japonica flower

Benefits of taking quercetin that can effectively reduce the amount of cholesterol in the liver, aorta and blood, and increase the stability of the cholesterol-protein complex, which has preventive and therapeutic effects on experimental arteriosclerosis. Subcutaneous injection of quercetin of 10mg can effectively reduce the cholesterol content in the liver, aorta and blood of rats with experimental hypercholesterolemia, and increase the stability of the cholesterol-protein complex. It can prevent and cure experimental arteriosclerosis.

Quercetin can reduce the tension of intestinal and bronchial smooth muscle, and its antispasmodic effect is 5 times stronger than that of rutin. X-ray studies have shown that rutin can reduce the gastric motility of rats and relieve the smooth muscle spasm of small intestinal caused by barium chloride. The efficacy is only 1/14 that of Kailin. Subcutaneous injection of 5 to 10 mg/kg of rutin can significantly reduce the number of gastric ulcers caused by pyloric ligation in rats. It is more effective than Kailin in terms of treating reflex gastric ulcers. Sophora japonica flower liquid (with very little rutin) injected into the intestinal cavity of rabbits can stimulate the intestinal mucosa to increase exudate.

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