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Differences Between Quercetin and Isoquercetin

Quercetin and isoquercetin are two common types of natural active products. They have relatively similar names, but they have different functions and functions, and their uses are also quite different. What are the differences between these two products with similar names?

Ⅰ. Introduction to Quercetin and Isoquercetin

As a pure natural plant extract, isoquercetin has excellent antioxidant properties and mediates glucose metabolism. The mucilage of okra contains rich water-soluble dietary fiber such as pectin, galactan, gum arabic, etc. It can also assist the intestines with enough drinking water. Block carbohydrate digestion and absorption. Quercetin is a kind of flavonol, found in many kinds of vegetables and herbs, and contains many beneficial biological activities. The use of quercetin is that can help healthy cells proliferate and enhance immunity to cardiovascular diseases.

Ⅱ. The difference between quercetin and isoquercetin

1. Chemical structure. From the chemical point of view, isoquercitrin structure is a glycoside, and quercetin is aglycone, which is commonly known as glycoside. Quercetin and isoquercetin have the same skeleton. From the perspective of chemical synthesis, isoquercetin is the addition of glucose to the skeleton.

2. Water solubility. In terms of water solubility, quercetin is completely insoluble in water, while isoquercetin is soluble in water.

3. Bioavailability. Isoquercetin has been proven to have higher bioavailability and a faster absorption rate than quercetin. Its rate is approximately twice that of quercetin and ten times higher than quercetin. . The glucose part of isoquercetin accelerates the uptake of molecules and the conversion to quercetin.

The enzyme and activity transport mechanism of cells in the small intestine interacts with the glucose component in the isoquercetin molecule to accelerate their uptake and conversion to quercetin. If there is no glucose component, the absorption of quercetin in the small intestine will be completed through a slower and less efficient passive diffusion process. Therefore, isoquercetin is a more bioavailable form of quercetin.

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