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  • What Are the Reasons for the Apigenin Anti Inflammatory?

    Since inflammation is the result of the immune system's protective response to endogenous signals such as invading pathogens or damaged cells, it has long been implicated in the symptoms of infect...

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  • Do You Know That Apigenin Can Fight Aging?

    Aging is defined as the gradual accumulation of damage over time, resulting in disruption of function at the cellular, tissue and organ levels. Ultimately, disease and death are caused by a complex mu...

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  • The Difference Between Hesperidin and Naringin

    1. Hesperetin and naringin have antioxidant effectsCitrus extracts mainly are hesperetin and naringin, which both have antioxidant effects. The former can reduce the harm caused by oxidation reactions...

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  • The Role of Rhizoctin in Whitening

    1. What is phloretin?Phloretin, also called trihydroxyphenol acetone, is a flavonoid that mainly exists in branches and leaves of apple or peel of apple, roots or bark of the apple tree, peel of litch...

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  • What Are the Properties of Phloretin?

    Phloretin can be absorbed by the human body directly, while there are few phloretin in the plant naturally. Mainly, phloretin exists in the form of its glycoside derivatives, phlorizin. Only after rem...

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  • Application Range of Phloretin

    With the increasing market share of plant efficacy cosmetics and its multi-functional beauty efficacy, phloretin has successfully attracted the attention of researchers in the beauty industry, for whi...

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  • Efficacy and Function of Naringenin

    1. What is naringeninWith the color of white or canary yellow, naringenin is a kind of odorless flavanone which is a kind of flavonoid. It not only is the main flavanone in grapefruit, but also is fou...

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  • What Is the Role of Phloretin in Skin Care Cosmetics?

    Many consumers have seen that some cosmetics contain the chemical substance "phloerin", but they are not clear about the efficacy and function of this substance, and want to know whether the...

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