Chengdu Kindarco Biotech Co, Ltd.
Chengdu Kindarco Biotech Co, Ltd.

Chengdu Kindarco Biotech is a professional plant extract supplier, which is specialized in manufacturing bioflavonoids extracts with Certified GMP, FSSC 22000 (contains HACCP), ISO, Kosher and Halal. Our plant extract products include rutin, quercetin, apigenin, hesperetin, naringenin, baicalein, and phloretin, etc. All the plant extract products have been exported to The United States, Europe, Japan and other countries for a long time, which can completely meet the USP, EP and JP standards. You can trust us in providing you with the best quality plant extracts at a reasonable price. We, as a plant extract company, are determined to meet your requirements and offer various products. 

As a professional plant extract manufacturer, Chengdu Kindarco Bio-tech Co., Ltd makes a technical breakthrough of the traditional hydrolysis processing technology and adopts the advanced technology of enzymatic hydrolysis to make high-quality plant extracts products. As a herbal extracts manufacturer, our production process is more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly, the quality of the plant extracts product is more steady, the purity of the plant extracts is much higher and the safety of the plant extracts is much better. As one of the professional plant extract manufacturers, our plant extracts can be used to make anti-oxidant products, beauty products, eye products, brain health products, liver health products, anti inflammatory plant extracts and so on. The antidiabetic effect of plant extract has also been welcomed in the market.

We, as one of the plant extract suppliers, provide plant extracts with various functions, including plant extracts for varicose veins, plant extract as food preservative, plant extract used as sweetener, antiviral plant extracts, antibacterial plant extracts, anticancer plant extract, antifungal plant extracts, plant extracts used as corrosion inhibitors, plant extracts for skin, etc. If you want to know more about plant extracts and their uses, please contact us!

Being a plant extract supplier, Chengdu Kindarco Bio-tech Co., Ltd. belongs to Chengdu Licheng Investment Co., Ltd and is responsible for the international business of bioflavonoids extracts for the Sichuan Guangsong Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd and Chengdu Kanghui Bio-tech Co., Ltd. Base on the two plant extracts factories, Chengdu Kindarco Bio-tech Co., Ltd. provides the safety and steady quality plant extracts products to the pharmaceutical, food, health-care and cosmetics industries. After years of development and endeavors, as one of plant extract manufacturers, Chengdu Kindarco Bio-tech Co., Ltd. continually provides qualified plant extracts products and production solutions to our esteemed customers.
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